President Noji visits Vietnam


From September 10 to 13, President Noji and two others visited the University of Da Nang and Dong Du Japanese Language School in Vietnam.

The University of Da Nang was established in Da Nang in 1994. It’s a national university comprising universities of technology, economics, foreign languages and other subjects. Recently, the university signed an intercollegiate exchange agreement with Tokushima University. Their College of Technology will be the main partner in exchanges. Dong Du Japanese Language School was founded in 1991 in Ho Chi Minh City. It has 6,000 students in Vietnam, and it sends many to Japan. It signed an international exchange agreement with Tokushima University this January.

At the University of Da Nang, a meeting was held with President Tran Van Nam to discuss the early signing of an exchange agreement and the specific content of future education and research exchanges such as internships.

The group also visited the Binh My International Student Education Center of the Dong Du Japanese Language School in the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City, meeting with Director Nguyen Duc Hoe to discuss accepting students in future and a cooperative framework. President Noji also introduced Tokushima University to the new term’s intake of students and urged them to study abroad. The delegation also chatted with students who will be studying at Tokushima University from the fall.

Based on their visits and discussions with both institutions, and the enthusiasm of the students at Dong Du Japanese Language School, the delegation have high expectations for active education and research collaboration with these Vietnamese institutions, making this a very meaningful visit. We look forward to welcoming highly capable students from Vietnam.


Meeting with President Nam of Da Nang University

Exchange of commemorative gifts


Meeting with Director Hoe of the Dong Du
Japanese Language School

President Noji talks to freshmen at the Dong Du
Japanese Language School