Tokushima University’s team dances again this year


Tokushima’s midsummer Awa Odori festival was held this year over four days from August 12 to 15. The streets were full of people in dancing mood wearing colorful yukata or happi.

The dance team, with President Noji as leader, performed on the first day. Under large paper lanterns on poles lit with beautiful LED lights, around 80 staff members and their families danced through the streets to the traditional music.

At around 7 pm, they passed through Higashishinmachi Arcade and thence to the Shinmachibashi stands. Under the gaze of the audience who had waited a year for the Awa Odori, their pace naturally intensified. Transformed into ‘Awa Fools’, the Tokushima University team basked in the applause of the spectators.  


The Tokushima University dance team led by President Noji

Tokushima University’s team dances through the stands