Outline of Tokushima University


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Outline of Tokushima University 2018

Outline of Tokushima University 2018





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  • 01 Message from the President, The vision and mission of Tokushima University
  • 02 Educational organization
      Faculties, Graduate Schools, Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • 05 Research organization
      Research Clusters,
      Institute of Advanced Medical Sciences, Research Center for Management of Disaster and Environment,
      The Post-LED Photonics Laboratory (provisional name)
  • 06 Faculty organization
      Graduate School of Technology, Industrial and Social Sciences, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
  • 07 University Hospital, Industry-University R&D Startup Leading Institute
  • 08 Endowed Chairs
  • 09 Social contribution organization, Support organization
  • 11 International Exchange, Key Dates for Academic Year, Basic data
  • 12 Location & Transportation
  • 13 Campus Map