Business Continuity Plan in Response to COVID-19 Infection(August 18, 2021)
Tokushima University’s Basic Policy on Countermeasures against COVID-19(March 22, 2021)
【To all students】Prevention of spread of infection at eventsat the end of the school year(February 19, 2021)
【To all students】Attention to Prevent COVID-19 Infection(January 14,2021)
【To all students and their families】Call for Attention to Prevent COVID-19(December 11, 2020)
Continuing to Enforce the Precautions against COVID-19(November 4, 2020)
[Important]Acceptance of Applications for Tokushima University Living Support Aid(May 19, 2020)
[Important]Tokushima University Living Support Aid(May 11, 2020)
Establishment of Tokushima University Crisis Response Headquarters for "Countermeasures against Infectious Diseases Associated with COVID-19 (shingata korona virus)(February 20, 2020)

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○Tokushima Prefecture Website:徳島県ホームページ
 The hokenjyo consultation center (新型コロナウイルス感染症について,帰国者・接触者相談センター(各保健所)連絡先等)
○Japanese Ministry of Education page regarding COVID-19 (shingata korona virus):文部科学省新型コロナウイルス対策特設ページ
○Japanese Ministry of Health page regarding COVID-19 and related pneumonia complications:新型コロナウイルス関連肺炎(厚生労働省)
○Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overseas Safety page:外務省海外安全ホームページ
○Cabinet Secretariat Homepage:内閣官房ホームページ(新型コロナウイルス感染症対策)
○Japanese National Institute of Infectious Diseases Homepage:国立感染症研究所ホームページ

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