International Symposium in Univ. Tokushima 2014


Since ancient times, different people and cultures worldwide have received benefits from keeping alive traditional knowledge and techniques in cultivating and using botanical, herbal and naturally derived medicines. Unfortunately, these valuable resources are easily falling victim to exploitation of chemical technologies, used by economically strong countries, such as isolating the active ingredients and developing them into new therapeutic reagents. In order to avoid such unfair or possibly illegal situations, as well as keep alive biological diversity and resourcefulness, the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) has been established. In addition, international transfer of such biological resources is now restricted. International understanding and mutual agreement are now crucial in taking steps towards a beneficial relationship between “Biologically Resource-Rich” and “Technologically Resource-Rich” countries.

Aside from these international issues, many “Biologically Resource-Rich” rural areas now face other urgent concerns such as rapid aging and decrease in population. Novel and effective community-based health care with well-trained young professionals now need our urgent and immediate attention. In this symposium, we will discuss these types of issues with 6 researchers invited from 6 foreign countries. We expect to share and exchange knowledge, ideas and information with all the attendees.


The official language of this symposium is English.

Each speaker has 55 min talk including discussion.



Main Symposium: Sunday, 12 January 2014, 10:00 - 18:00

At Nagai Memorial Hall in The University of Tokushima, JAPAN


Satellite Event: Monday (holiday), 13 January 2014, 10:00 - 17:00

At Kamikatsu Town (Fukuhara Fureai Center & One Thousand Forest Building)

(This event is held together with "One Thousand Years Forest seminar" and Univ. Tokushima Kamikatsu School.)


Contact: Ikuko Uemura, Secretary

E-mail: uemura.ikuko"at"

Tel&Fax: +81-88-633-9630


Downloadable Files

Flyer for Main Symposium



Abstracts for Main Symposium



Flyer for Satellite Event



Main Symposium Program

・Jan 12, 2014

・Nagai Memorial Hall at Univ. Tokushima


09:30- Registration

10:00- Opening remark

10:10- Speaker 1

Dr. Nilufar Z. Mamadalieva

(Uzbekistan Academy of Science, Uzbekistan)

Uzbekistan: traditionally used medicinal plants, natural product research and drug development

11:05- Speaker 2

Dr. Subagus Wahyuono

(Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

Searching bioactive compounds from Kalimantan forest

12:00- Lunch break

13:00- Speaker 3

Dr. Pulok Kumar Mukherjee

(Jadavpur Univ. Kolkata, India)

Integrated approaches for globalization of traditional/herbal medicine

13:55- Speaker 4

Dr. Patrizia A. Restani

(University of Milan, Italy)

The Regulatory framework for products contaning botanicals in the EU

14:50- Short break

15:00- Speaker 5

Dr. Nico P. E. Vermeulen

(Vrije University Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Towards Mechanism-based Translational Strategies for Adverse/Idiosyncratic Drug Reactions

15:55- Speaker 6

Dr. Philip T. Rodgers

(University of North Carolina, USA)

Partnerships and AHECs: Educating Pharmacy Students in Practice

16:50- Short break

17:00- Discussion

17:50- Closing remark

19:00- Dinner


Satellite Event Program

・Jan 13, 2014

・Kamikatsu Town


08:45- Bus departing from Tokushima Station

09:30- Registration

10:00- Opening remark

10:15- Speaker 1

Prof. Hiroyuki Fukui

Pharmacological research of AWA fermented tea

11:15- Speaker 2

Prof. Yoshiki Kashiwada

Herbal plants in Kamikatsu town

12:00- Lunch break

13:00- Visiting farmers places in Kamikatsu town

14:00- Seminar of "One Thousand Years forest"

Student's reports at One Thousand Years Forest

14:30- Activity report at One Thousand Years Forest

15:30- Dialogue event for all the participants

16:50- Closing remark

17:00- Bus transfer to Tokushima Station

19:00- Dinner