A Message from the Dean


Minoru  Irahara
M.D., Ph.D.
Dean, the University of Tokushima Faculty of Medicine





  The University of Tokushima School of Medicine was originally founded as the Tokushima Prefectural Medical College, the only medical college in Shikoku in 1943 and was later incorporated as a School of Medicine into the newly established and government owned University of Tokushima in 1949. In 1955, the Graduate School of Medicine was opened. Since then the school has continued to grow and contribute to a wide range of fields through the education of physicians and medical researchers. To date, approximately 5,200 graduates from our School of Medicine are playing active roles in the field of medical services, medical research/education and government positions.

  In 1964 the School became the only Japanese medical school to boast a School of Nutrition, followed by the founding of the Graduate School of Nutritional Sciences in 1968. In 2001 the School of Medicine further incorporated a School of Health Sciences, leading to the establishment in 2006 of the Graduate School of Health Sciences. These developments have contributed to the construction of a unique educational system to foster people able to play a role in integrative medical research and medical care in the fields of medicine, nutrition, nursing and health care sciences.

  In 2004 the University of Tokushima was reorganized as an independent National University Agency. At the same time, the Graduate Schools of Medical Sciences, Dental Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nutritional Sciences located on the Kuramoto campus were combined into the Institute for Health Biosciences. The Kuramoto campus is also home to both the Institute for Enzyme Research and the Institute for Genome Research. The Institute for Enzyme Research has produced a great number of nation-wide leaders in biochemistry and enzyme research, and the Institute for Genome Research (established in 1998) has performed cutting-edge research in the field of functional genomics.

  Thus, the Kuramoto campus fosters a unique, efficient and outstanding environment for education perform research via mutual exchange of ideas and information in life sciences, and has formed a powerful core as one of the foremost sites in Japan for bioscience and medical researches.

  Medical Science is not just one of the fields of science but is scholarship in which how the scientific accomplishments should be applied to the welfare of mankind by thinking from a patient’s point of view. Medical scientists are professions with humanity who comprehend medical science which is based on an advanced biological science and learn technical skills in order to implement the medical science.

  The University of Tokushima School of Medicine has aimed to cultivate human resources who are able to think on their own and to create new knowledge by analyzing a patient’s symptoms or by performing cutting edge research studies. The school also has aimed to cultivate human resources with global eyes who can share information with scientists worldwide and contribute to transmit new ideas to the rest of the world. We hope to establish an environment that enables motivated physicians and scientists to take the challenge of creating novel concepts and be responsible for large advances in their respective fields.



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