Specialists in psychiatry at Tokushima University provide comprehensive evaluations, diagnosis and treatment for patient with psychiatric problems. More than 15 psychiatrists and clinical psychologists practice at our department. Special areas of expertise include:



General Psychiatry
Geriatric Psychiatry
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Consultation and Liaison Psychiatry
Psychiatry for Women
Sleep Disorder
Clinical Psychology



The specialty offers inpatient program at our psychiatric ward in Tokushima University Hospital. This facility has 45 beds and many expert nursing staffs. Day care and operational therapy programs are conducted by licensed specialists. Outpatient clinic for women and for children and parents are also conducted by expert psychiatrists.



In addition to the clinical practice, many staff members are involved in research and education.
Our main research activities are as followed:
Clinical and molecular genetics
Brain imaging
Social support and psychotherapy for psychiatric diseases


   Last Update:2017.8.4