Purevjav Javkhlan(Mongolia)

Oral Sciences・4th year of Doctoral Course
Purevjav Javkhlan




Harmony of Tokushima in my academic life

Tokushima is one of the most beautiful places in Shikoku Island, Japan. Tokushima is blessed with a mild climate. Beautiful Yoshino River running across the city and the elegant green of mountain, Bizan provide spiritual comfort and relax. Tokushima is known for Awa dance festival, Awa indigo dye and Sudachi (scientific name, Citrus sudach: a kind of green limei, used like lemon at the dining table). It is a quiet, small town with friendly people which provides harmonious circumstances for studying science.

Tokushima will be one of the biggest memories to me and already is a part of my life. My name is Javkhlan and I am from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. My father is the one, who is very influential to my attitude and life. He was designated some numbers of government policies, conducting in to oral health care among population, which currently being implemented throughout the country. He was concerned about me and influenced my purpose to achieve knowledge and skills by working and studying professionally as a dentist. This was one of the reasons for me to come to Tokushima and study in Ph.D course. In addition, the culture and technological advancement of the country has always impressed me. Finally I came to Tokushima on a warm sunny spring day in April, 2007. I joined as a graduate student to the Department of 2保存(Department of Endodontology and Periodontology) and Department of Molecular Oral Physiology of the Graduate School of Oral Sciences, The University of Tokushima.

Initially, I had a lots of difficulties in acclimating to my new environment in my life and in research study. These time, I was very thankful to my department せんぱい“senpai-my seniors” and Mongolian “senpai” who supported me in my daily and my academic life. Life means friends and family to me, whom you can trust and who trust you. Most parents desire their children to grow up in best social environment or condition and they should become successful in life. Self-esteem is one lasting gift parents can give their children, which was given me my family. Throughout four years of studies in Tokushima, I have met variety of people from different nations all over the world, and made friends with them. At the same time, I have learned and discovered lots of ideas and facts with pleasure about living abroad, culture, economy, and community of those countries where people came from, and whom I have met. This way, I have learned and improved my knowledge in basic science and laboratory skill.

At this point, I would like to appreciate professor Kazuo Hosoi, Deapartment of Molecular Oral Physiology, Professor Toshihiko Nagata, Department of Endodontology& Periodontology (2保存), and Dr. Mizuho Nishino Professor Emeritus of The University of Tokushima, Honorary Professor of Health Science University of Mongolia. With the kind help and support from members at department of Molecular Oral Physiology, and , 2保存, I managed to study in the field of molecular oral immunophysiology and successfully published some articles in international journals. There are reports regarding pro-inflammatoric protein (calprotectin), water channel protein (aquaporin) in the salivary glands, that showing and discussing the effects of experimentally-induced inflammation, and of chorda-tympani denervation.

Thus, I would like to say that collaboration between The University of Tokushima, Graduate School of Oral Sciences and Health Science University of Mongolia, School of Dentistry opened to me many opportunities not only for study, but also for my life. This opportunity influenced me to realize my long-term goals in the future. Finally, I hope the door will be continuously open for more chances in further perspectives in collaboration between the two universities.