Cui Qu(China)

Medical Sciences・4th year of Doctoral Course
Cui Qu

Cui Qu
Develop Versatilities in the Frontiers of Translational Medicine ―― My PhD Study at University of Tokushima

I am Cui Qu, a 4th year PhD student at the Department of Medicine and Bioregulatory Sciences. In 2007, after getting my Master's Degree in Medical Immunology at Jilin University, China, I enrolled in a PhD program in the Institute of Health Biosciences. Currently, I work under the supervision of Professor Toshio Matsumoto, a leading medical scientist in Endocrinology and Internal Medicine, as well as a prominent master in Translational Medicine.

Translational Medicine is an attractive emerging area in the post-Human Genome Project Era, referred to approaches to transmit the state-of-the-art research discoveries into clinical applications that benefit patients. My project about γδ; T cell-based immunotherapy is one of the translational medical researches led by Associate-Professor Masahiro Abe in our department.

Nowadays, multiple myeloma is an incurable hematologic malignancy with almost exclusive expansion in the bone marrow. After stringent basic lab training using gene-modified models, I took over the project from April, 2009. By applying lenalidomide, a potent chemotherapeutic drug newly approved for myeloma treatment in Japan (granted from July in 2010), we overcame the barrier that patient bone marrow cells showed attenuated γδ; T cell cytotoxicity against myeloma cells. My research provided significant insights into combination of conventional chemotherapy with γδ; T cell-based immunotherapy, via a single therapeutic regimen. Now, I am invited for presentation at the 52nd ASH Annual Meeting in December, 2010, to communicate with hematologic experts from all over the world, hoping for a further achievement. Definitely, I am privileged to devote myself to such translational medical research, approaching to the ultimate goal of health biosciences, de facto benefiting human beings.

Besides academic trainings, as a PhD student, I also obtained versatile experiences in team co-operation and career orientation. With broadening new horizons in the frontiers of Translational Medicine, I am confident of my future career in this field.