Liu Xin(China)

Integrated Arts and Sciences・1st year of Master Course
Liu Xin

Liu Xin

October, 2009, as a research student, I went to study in the University of Tokushima. After receiving professor's guidance in one semester, I was able to enter the graduate school of Integrated Arts and Sciences. Now my major is Regional Sciences.

Studying in Tokushima University is quite different from the life of the university I used to study in. Besides the common courses, I also take my professor's seminar, in which college students and graduate students can learn and discuss together. I also took a part in a field work with our professors to Shiwaki, a fishing village in Prefecture Tokushima, to see into the status in the Japanese village. Through the communication with local people, I learned about Japanese culture, political system, youths' ideas and so on. It helps me to find my feet in Japan, and certainly improves my ability of Japanese.

When I first got to the university, I was all blank, and knew nothing at all. But with the help of International Center of Tokushima University, I was able to open up my new life in Japan. The people there who are very kind helped me with not only the school stuff but also the troubles of my life here, such as insures and updating visa. It also puts up notices of activities that enhance communication between international students and local people.

During my stay in Japan as a student, except the studying, I attended several activities as well. In January, I went skiing for the first time of my life. In August, joined the well known TokushimaOdori Festival, took a tour of the Ikata Nuclear Power Plant and so on. And like this, I find my life in Tokushima University very wonderful.