Arief Setiawan(Indonesia)

Advanced Technology and Science・1st year of Master Course
Arief Setiawan

Arief Setiawan

My name is Arief Setiawan and I am from Indonesia. I chose The University of Tokushima (UT) for pursuing higher education because UT offers many interesting research topics. Moreover there is a good relationship between my university in Indonesia (Gadjah Mada University) and UT. The curriculum made by UT is very applicable that make me confidence to face my future. Students in UT are also very kind; they help me a lot to study Japanese. As a foreigner, I never had a big difficulty here because there are many supports given by UT for foreign student.

I am now master degree student in Mechanical Engineering Department and my research is related to oil production. I really enjoy my research and I got a lot of experience from it. My supervisor always gives me support for my research and we always discuss all problems and solve them together. In Japan, relationship between you and your Professors will be very close. There is no distance between student and professors that make you comfortable to communicate with them. I believe that this culture will lead your research to be world class research.

We are also able to join student’s activities and visit beautiful places in Japan because there are many group trip arranged by UT for Japanese and international student. This is my second year in Japan and I feel that I fall in love with Japan and its culture.