Nutrition and Bioscience・2nd year of Doctoral Course


In the past, I graduated in Hanoi Agriculture University and working at a National Agriculture Institute of Vietnam. In the world, Agriculture Universities well-known often contain Nutrition Department. Especially, Graduate School of Nutrition and Bioscience, Tokushima University is the most famous for studying Nutrion in Japan, as prof Eiji Takeda said : "Young and female scientists from this system can be global top leaders in nutritional science". Consequently I had a chance to apply for studying in Department of Preventive Enviroment and Nutrion. Fortunately, I got admission and also have received scholarship from Japan government to study PhD course starting from Oct 2009.

In pursuit of safety food, our LAB's important reseach goal is to develop and provide effectively safe-sterilizing system without deterioration of food as far as without disinfectants or antibiotics.

Moreover, despite safety food for life being recognized as a very important role for general pulic health, the food poisoning causing diarrhea still often occurs even now, in the age of progressive medical technology, even in power countries like Japan, not to mention developing countries or those belong to third world. Therefore, our Lab/ Department has been analyzing and studying mechanism of diarrhea due to food poinsing so that we would be able to establish a new medical treatment in the future. And my study thesis is contribution apartly in this aim.

To be determined with a right motivation for myself that I hope to get new advance techniques as well as has a clear orientation in science obtained in the process of PhD course so that when I come back Vietnam, to I have enough ability improve apartly reality of nutrious study and safety food for my country's people. My experience of study in Japan is that: learn everybody from undergraduate student to professor, try my best, work hard as much as possible and be careful of things seemingly unimportant but infact truely indispensible both in research experiment and social behaviour. These I have been taught from practising with my dear and great professors, Japanese students and that really make me different from the initial day I came here. I have been improved so much and I understand why Japan is super nation in technology rapidly. Because the Japanese attitude toward study is worth admiring and following: VERY HARD and VERY CAREFULLY!