Message from the Director

Akira Otaka,
Vice-Dean of the Institute(Director of Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Akira Otaka

 In 2012,Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences was reorganized into Course of Pharmacy and Course of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The former is the doctoral program(4-year)designed for students after completing School of Pharmacy(6-year) and the latter consists of the master’s program(2-year) and the doctoral program (3-year) designed for students after completing School of Pharmaceutical Technosciences (4-year) in Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Course of Pharmacy is aimed at cultivating researchers in the field of clinical pharmacy and clinical pharmacists possessing highly technical knowledge about pharmaceutical sciences by continuing to do more research after acquisition of a license to practice pharmacy. On the other hand, concerning Course of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the master’s program aims to foster researchers who will mainly work at the research post of pharmaceutical companies and the doctoral program aims to foster outstanding researchers in pharmaceutical sciences by continuing to do more research. Although each course or program pursues its own educational goals, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences has progressed unique and distinctive education and research under crosssectional multi-supervision between two Courses : one chief mentor and two vice-chief mentors for one student based on an educational philosophy of“Interactive YAKUGAKUJIN,”same as in Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, which means human resources having ability to contribute to diversified fields in pharmaceutical sciences.

Aug. 2015