About Us

 The Graduate School of Nutrition and Bioscience comprises eight fields, Food Science, Public Health and Applied Nutrition, Molecular Nutrition, Nutritional Physiology, Preventive Environment and Nutrition, Nutrition and Metabolism, Clinical Nutrition and Food Management, and Therapeutic Nutrition. Furthermore, Nutritional Science in the undergraduate program was reorganized as the School of Medical Nutrition, establishing a comprehensive system of education in nutritional and medical science from undergraduate to postgraduate education.

 The School works to find solutions to nutritional problems, from developing functional food and new methods of clinical nutrition management, to clarifying the nutritional aspects of space and stress physiologies, and the molecular pathology of disease.

 The School aims to foster outstanding personnel with advanced specialist knowledge who will lead the next generation of education and research in nutrition, who can apply their research findings to play an active role in hospitals, the local community and industry.

 The School also welcomes international students and researchers from around the world, continuing to pursue development as one of the most important international research centers in the field of nutritional science.