Message from the Director

Akira Takahashi,
Vice-Dean of the Institute(Director of Graduate School of Nutrition and Bioscience)


 The main focus in the Graduate School of Nutrition and Bioscience proceeds to “Medical Nutrition”which addresses both medicine and nutrition. The Department of Medical Nutrition was founded in 2014 with the mission of promoting education and research in the field of medical nutrition. Research programs at the Graduate School of Nutrition and Bioscience focus on basic and clinical nutrition related to human health and chronic diseases including diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease and musculoskeletal disorders. Approaches range from the basic research (nutrigenomics, metabolomics and molecular biology), to clinical nutrition and public health nutrition. Graduate faculty in Nutrition and Bioscience also offer a breadth of knowledge and research experiences, including applied research in clinical setting as well as basic research on molecular mechanisms of specific nutrients in relation to metabolism. Scientific fields particularly in space nutrition, stress nutrition, mineral nutrition and clinical nutrition are strongly supported by both big grants and close collaborations with JAXA, Tufts University, Harvard University, Hannover University, Hanoi Medical University and others. Graduate students enrolled in this system are expected to be global top leaders in nutritional science and clinical nutrition.

April. 2017