Message from the Director

Chiemi Onishi,
Vice-Dean of the Institute(Director of Graduate School of Health Sciences)


 Health Sciences aim to develop new fields through interdisciplinary study, fostering advanced practical skills from the perspective of health sciences. Our division has Ph.D. course of “Health Science” and Master course of “Nursing Science” and “Health Science”. And our division also has a system of fostering advanced specialist medical professionals such as nurse specialists, midwives, school nurses (specialist license), medical physicists, ultrasonography technicians, etc as well as researchers who can provide health services from an international perspective. September 2014, Prof. Locsin became a member of our University, and established an international nursing advanced course to foster a globalization of our division. February 2015, Department of Community Medicine and Human Resource Development was organized to contribute to a community health care. The Division of Health Sciences is dedicated to developing and fostering a community of global leaders promoting the progress of Health Sciences.

April. 2017