Center for University Extension


The Center for University Extension was established in April 1986 as one of the Joint Institutes for Education and Research in order to pursue the goal of an open university. This was one of the first lifelong learning centers to be established at a National Univer-sity Corporation, and it is one of the largest in Japan in terms of the number of public lectures it offers and the learners it serves. In addition, it is the only university in Japan with an alumni association (the Rokuichi Kai) organized by learners, and they take part in a variety of autonomous activities. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a pioneering organization. Furthermore, in 2013, the Center started a systematic program to train leaders of citizen activities as its contribution to resolving the various issues affecting Tokushima Prefecture. Through these activities, the Center provides local people with diverse learning opportunities, making a significant contribution to the development of regional capabilities.