Center of University Education


The Center of University Education was established on April 1, 2014 with the consolidation of the Admissions Center, the Educational Reform Center, the Student Support Center, and the Career Support Center. The aim of the Center is to research and implement the selection of entrants, educational reform, ICT education, and support for student life and careers, in order to consolidate and improve education and student support at the university. The Center comprises the following five divisions.


1. Division for Admissions (Planning the selection of entrants)

2. Division for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning (Promotion of educational reform)

3. Division for the Promotion of Technology Enhanced Learning (Development and support of ICT education)

4. Division for the Student Affairs (Support for student academic and extracurricular activities)

5. Division for Career Support (Support for student career planning)


Furthermore, to carry out the work of the Project to Establish a Knowledge Platform through Cooperation between Five Shikoku Universities sponsored by Grants for Promoting University Reform, the Admission Center also serves as Tokushima University Satellite Office of the Shikoku National University Federation, while the ICT Education Division doubles as Tokushima University Office of the E-Learning Support Center Shikoku.