Center for Community Revitalization


The Center for Community Revitalization fulfills the third mission of the university, that of social contribution. The Center works with the local government, NPOs and residents to establish a vision for community development, creating systems for the personnel development and problem-solving required for strategic implementation of the vision. The aim of these efforts is to accelerate the revitalization of the community and to re-establish Tokushima as an appealing and dynamic region.

To achieve this, the Center for Community Revitalization maintains a university-wide cooperative organization comprising three divisions, Community Design, Regional Cooperation Design, and Public Systems Design, as well as five Satellite Offices, the Kamikatsu School, Nakacho Regional Revitalization School, Minamicho Community Development Center, the Nishiawa School and Kamiyama School. The Center also operates the Tokushima University Future Center as a place for getting people together for dialog and planning that will strengthen the region.

The Center is working quickly to achieve results in solving local issues, designing Tokushima, developing locally based educational programs, establishing regional IT capabilities, and organizing projects for publicizing Tokushima globally.