AWA Support Center


The Tokushima University AWA (Our) Support Center was implemented as a FY 2010 “Promoting Role Models to Support Female Researchers” program in the MEXT’s Grants for the Development of Human Resources in Science and Technology. Since FY 2014, we have promoted the system by “The Program to Support the Research Activities of Female Researchers (Hubs and Collaborations)" of the MEXT's Grant. It is also part of the “Tokushima Prefecture Program" for supporting female health care workers. The AWA Support Center is the parent organization for a variety of relevant support projects. The Gender Equality Office was established under the supervision of the President. Working with the Gender Equality Office of the Personnel Division, a project team was established to support the university personnel in balancing life and work and realizing their individual ability to the maximum. We aim to develop support activities through collaboration between the five national universities of Shikoku, other universities, companies, administrative agencies and the community to further improve the research capabilities and career prospects of female researchers. In implementing the program, the three sections of the AWA Support Center thoroughly discuss and improve each support measure to find the best approach.

  • (1) Publicity and Awareness Section
  • (2) Personnel Development Section
  • (3) Work-Life Balance Section