Institute of Advanced Medical Sciences

Tokushima University, also known as University of Tokushima, has a long history of advanced medical sciences. Miyoshi muscular dystrophy and adjuvant disease were discovered here. Immunoproteasomes, hepatocyte growth factor, and cathepsin L as well as many other disease-related human molecules have their home in our campus. In 1961, the medical school of Tokushima University founded three laboratories of enzyme research, which successfully formed Institute for Enzyme Research in 1787. In 1998, Institute for Genome Research was founded to extend medical research to focus on genome functions. In 2010, Diabetes Therapeutics and Research Center was formed to overcome the diabetes by creating platform for the collaborations between clinical and basic researchers. In 2013, Fujii Memorial Institute of Medical Sciences was founded in memory of Professor Setsuro Fujii, one of the founding professors of original enzyme research laboratories. This year in 2016, the University has decided to merge these institutes to form the Institute of Advanced Medical Sciences, in order to facilitate multi-disciplinal and trans-omic studies for advanced medical sciences. The Institute was established on 1st April 2016, and currently hosts 17 laboratories.