Field Trip for International Students


On June 24, the International Center held a study tour for international students. The aim of the field trip was for the students to gain experience in Japanese culture, history and technology, and get to know each other and the faculty and staff better.

First they visited Himeji Castle. They sweated their way up the narrow stairs to the castle tower and everyone was full of smiles when they made it to the top. Here they learned about traditional Japanese buildings, and were able to experience their size and magnificence by actually exploring them.

At the Asahi Soft Drinks Akashi Plant, a member of staff explained the production line. The students were surprised by the efficiency of the manufacturing line, and they learned a lot about the operation of the environmentally responsible plant, such as the reuse of the plastic bottles.

Thirty-six international students took part this time. It was an opportunity not only for the students to understand Japan better, but also to get to know each other better. The International Center will continue to plan study visits that enable international students to gain a more effective understanding of Japanese culture, history and technology, taking into account their needs.


Himeji Castle



Climbing the stone steps

Castle tour


Learning the history of Asahi Soft Drinks

In commemoration of the visit