International students from Tokushima University attend the Kitajima welcome party for international students


On May 14, a party was held at the Kitajima Town Hall to welcome the international students. The party was hosted by the Kitajima International Association. It’s held every year at this time when many new international students come to Japan. Since the International House, the dormitory for foreign students, is located in Kitajima, many international students are invited every year.

Local people joined the students for lunch and conversation. The jug band Ebisuyama Homes played and sang, which the students and Japanese guests enjoyed equally.

The Kitajima International Association has supported the university’s International House since it was established in 1995. The Association provides a warm welcome to the university’s international students with various events, and many former students still talk fondly of their memories after returning home.

We hope these meaningful exchanges between the community and the university will continue.


The students introduce themselves


Performance by the Ebisuyama Homes

Inside the venue