The 2nd Bioimaging symposium in Tokushima University


The 2nd Bioimaging symposium 2016 entitled ‘Investigation for molecular dynamics of various illness using animal PET/MRI ‘ was held on July 25th in the main hall of Fujii Memorial Institute of Medical Science at Tokushima University. Opening address was given by Dr. Minoru Irahara, Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Tokushima University. In the session, Dr. Yasuyoshi Watanabe and Dr. Hisashi Doi, RIKEN Center for Life Science Technologies, gave lectures about several achievements to create the sciences of ‘Molecular Imaging’ to visualize the genes and proteins presented in living organism using Positron Emission Tomography (PET). Dr. Makoto Ishikawa, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., showed that MRI scan with disease animal model was useful for assessment of several drug efficacy. At last, Sumihare Noji, President, gave closing address to call audience for promoting various studies through much more utilization with animal PET/MRI in Tokushima University. The symposium successfully came to a close.