Tokushima Prefecture 2016 Japanese Speech Contest


On July 10, the Tokushima Prefecture 2016 Japanese Speech Contest for foreign nationals organized by the Tokushima Prefectural International Exchange Association was held at Awagin Hall. The speech contest is held every year around July, and this time 11 foreign nationals from four countries took part.

Lin Lin from China, from Tokushima University’s Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences spoke on the topic of becoming a mother in Japan. She spoke of how she felt protected by Japanese society based on the words and actions of the local government and people around her when she became pregnant, and she was puzzled by the differences in birthing customs between China and Japan. At the end, she pointed out that through the experience of international marriage and raising a child, she realized that it is necessary for the future of Tokushima for the region to participate in child-rearing, which struck a chord with the audience. For this speech, Lin Lin was honored with the Award for Particular Excellence. Students from Tokushima University took many of the top prizes. Jumei Wang (China), a Special Auditing Student of the Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences won the Tokushima Prefectural Assembly International Exchange Federation Chairman’s Prize, and Bruno Ribeiro (Brazil) and Peng Xu (China) won the Award for Excellence. Congratulations.


Lin Lin who won the Award for Particular Excellence


commemorative photo