A study tour for international students to promote cultural understanding


On December 25 to 26, 2015, the International Center held a study tour for international students to promote cultural understanding. The program received support from Japan Educational Exchanges and Services.

On the first day, the students made a company visit to the Mitsubishi Motors Mizushima Plant, followed by a visit to Himeji Castle to learn about Japanese culture. At the Mitsubishi Motors Mizushima Plant, they saw the car assembly line. They were very interested in the accuracy, detail and the speed with which the work was carried out. At Himeji Castle, the students climbed up to the castle tower listening as the tour guide explained about the structure of the castle and Japanese history. Some of the students were surprised to learn that inside Himeji Castle with its elegant appearance, there were many intricate systems for defending it from enemies. The skiing planned for the second day was canceled due to lack of snow, and instead, the students visited the Kobe Maritime Museum and then walked around Kobe. Some international students seemed disappointed not to be able to ski, but they said that they were satisfied with the visit to the museum and the town of Kobe.

An issue for the future is how to plan study visits that will enable international students to gain a more effective understanding of Japanese technology and culture, taking into account their needs.


Tour of the Mitsubishi Motors plant Mizushima Plant

I heard the guide's description in Himeji Castle


To back the Himeji Castle

Tour of the Kobe Maritime Museum