Study tour for international students to promote cultural understanding


On November 2, 2015, the International Center held a study tour for international students to promote cultural understanding, sponsored by Japan Educational Exchanges and Services.

On this occasion, the theme was learning about the culture of Tokushima for international students, Japanese students and local people. Twenty-four international students took part with eight Japanese student supporters and three local supporters. They visited Uzunomichi, Aizumicho Historical Museum Ai-no-Yakata (indigo dyeing workshop), the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Itano Factory (tour of the pharmaceuticals and food product factory), and the Otsuka Capacity Development Institute. The participants were impressed by the beauty of the indigo dyeing and the cutting edge production lines in the factory.Despite the rain, the international students and Japanese participants got to learn about the culture of Tokushima while enjoying lively international exchange.



Otsuka Capacity Development Institute

Indigo dyeing workshop(Ai-no-Yakata)