Multicultural Exchange Event


On October 30, a multicultural exchange event was held at the Industrial Hall. The event was organized by the International Center and the Tokushima Association for International Students. This is held every year at the time of the university festival to promote exchange between international students in Tokushima, Japanese students, and local people. At the event, the international students performed songs and musical recitals. Students who will go to America on the Kakehashi Project (a foreign exchange program promoted by the Japanese government), performed the Awa Odori dance. Students participating on the project will present the culture of Tokushima at a university in New York in November, performing the Awa Odori. At the event, the Japanese students and international students enjoyed dancing the Awa Odori together.

About 120 people took part and had fun until the end.

A collaboration between Malaysia and Sweden

A performance of Mongolian song



Together with everyone


An impromptu dance group

Enjoyed a meal