Scholarship Award Ceremony for International Students


 A ceremony was held on July 13 in the Nichia Kaikan to award scholarships to international students studying at the University of Tokushima in 2015. The scholarships for international students on this occasion comprised donations from corporations and organizations for the support of the university’s international exchange program. These were conferred in the form of the Fujii-Otsuka International Education and Research Exchange Fund (Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical) and the University of Tokushima Education and Research Exchange Fund (Integrated Arts and Sciences and Engineering). Attending the award ceremony were representatives invited from the supporting corporations, 34 international students from the university, and university staff.

 At the award ceremony, Burentogtokh Ariunzaya of the Graduate School of Medical Sciences and Paul Ratna Rani of the Graduate School of Advanced Technology and Science were presented with certificates by President Kagawa as representatives of the recipients. Then Mr. Yang of the Graduate School of Advanced Technology and Science offered words of thanks to the corporations and organizations that provided funds.

 The economic assistance is essential to enable the university to accept outstanding international students. While we are grateful for the generosity of the corporations and organizations, providing comprehensive support including for education and research will be an issue for the future.


Representatives of the supporting corporations, international students, and university staff


Receiving a scholarship certificate

Acknowledgment from a student representative