Establishment of the Tokushima University International Student Alumni Association (Vietnam) in Hanoi


On March 14 (Saturday), the Tokushima University International Student Alumni Association (Vietnam) was established in Hanoi by international students who have completed education at Tokushima University, and former Tokushima University Overseas Researchers. On the day, around 40 people gathered from Ho Chi Minh, Danang and other parts of Vietnam to finalize the executive organization and regulations, moderated by the Vietnamese alumni association representatives. The attending alumni offered numerous opinions and proposals, and the organization is expected to conduct valuable activities in future.


General meeting

At the roundtable meeting following the inaugural meeting with President Kagawa and other dignitaries of the university and the alumni, President Kagawa announced the establishment of the Vietnam alumni association and presented the president of the alumni association Tran Quang Binh with an alumni association pennant. Then Vice Director Jin of the International Center explained the plan for cooperation between Tokushima University and the alumni association. The participants listened with particular interest to how other overseas alumni associations in China, Korea, Mongolia, Indonesia, Malaysia and so on were inaugurated.

In addition, he explained the present situation of Tokushima University using photos. The alumni felt nostalgic when they saw the campus as it was when they were there, and expressed pleasant surprise to see the new and renovated buildings.


Round-table Left: Alumni association chairman Tran Quang Binh, Right: President Kagawa

After the roundtable meeting, there was a commemorative photo with everybody including the families of the alumni, and a celebration was held to mark the establishment of the Tokushima University International Student Alumni Association (Vietnam). Guests Mizuki Tanaka, Ambassador to Vietnam, Nghiem Vu Khai, Chairman of the Vietnam-Japan Friendship Association, and Nguyen Cong Khan, Director of the Vietnam Ministry of Health’s Administration of Science, Technology and Training all offered congratulatory remarks. In the informal gathering afterwards, the alumni mingled affectionately with their old teachers, reporting on their current situation, taking photographs together and renewing old friendships. It was a memorable start for the Tokushima University International Student Alumni Association (Vietnam).


Celebration Commemorative photo