International Students Participate in the English Festa at a Local Elementary School


On November 28, international students who are studying at the University of Tokushima took part as guest teachers in the English Festa at an Elementary School in Tokushima. The aim of the English Festa event is for the elementary school children to meet foreign nationals and learn about multiculturalism, and to practise the English that they’re studying. The international students were assigned to several classes where they introduced themselves in English or their native language, and listened to presentations by the elementary pupils. They also took part in games in the gym with all 550 pupils at the school.

The children had fun learning about foreign languages and culture, and it was a good opportunity for the international students to actually visit an elementary school to meet with Japanese children and see how Japanese education is conducted, making it a valuable experience for everybody. Through these and other activities, the University of Tokushima is activity contributing to the local community.


Introducing the Malaysian flag

Taking part in a Japanese class