Field Trip to the Iya Valley for International Students


On November 22, a field trip to the Iya Valley was held for international students.

The purpose of this field trip was to give the international students and Japanese students a better understanding of Tokushima and its history, and to learn with local people. Thirty-nine people took part including international students, Japanese students, local people, faculty and staff.

At the Heike Yashiki Museum of Folklore, they saw an exhibition of old Japanese agricultural equipment and writings. They also enjoyed chatting around the hearth in the museum. The vine bridge was more unstable than expected, and everybody struggled to get across, encouraging each other all the while.

Despite differences in language and customs, everybody helped each other, making it a very enjoyable experience.


Heike Yashiki Museum of Folklore

The hearth was very warm



A vine bridge

Everybody got across safely