Professor Shuji Nakamura (University of California, Santa Barbara) wins the Nobel Prize for Physics


On October 7, Professor Shuji Nakamura (University of California, Santa Barbara) won the Nobel Prize for Physics. I would like to offer him my heartfelt congratulations. Professor Nakamura graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokushima (undergraduate school: 1977, postgraduate school: 1979). His research into blue light emitting diodes was published as his doctoral dissertation for Tokushima’s Graduate School of Engineering, and by receiving the Nobel Prize for Physics, Professor Nakamura has brought great honor to the university. This is cause for celebration. Professor Nakamura’s work has had a tremendous impact, not only on the field of illumination ? it has found applications in displays and led to the development of next generation high-resolution DVD and medical devices. It has resulted in technological innovations in photoelectronics and many fields beyond.

His research findings have been validated through many international awards including the Benjamin Franklin Medal in 2002, Finland’s Millennium Award in 2006, and Spain’s Prince of Asturias Awards in 2008. Winning the Nobel Prize for Physics demonstrates once again the scope of the benefits that Professor Nakamura’s research have brought to people around the world.

I am fully confident that Professor Nakamura will continue to make further significant contributions to the development of science and technology on the world stage.


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Professor Shuji Nakamura’s doctoral dissertation

Nobel Laureate’s press conference