University of Tokushima Summer Program 2014 Social Event


On August 4, a social event for the participants of the University of Tokushima Summer Program 2014 was held at the Awa Kanko Hotel. The university’s Summer Program comprises four courses offered by the Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences, the Graduate School of Advanced Technology and Science, the Institute of Health Biosciences, and the International Center. One hundred and forty-seven students and faculty from 11 countries and regions took part in lectures, exchanges with Japanese students, culture workshops and other activities. The social event was attended by participants of all four courses, Japanese students, faculty and staff.

The participants from abroad who are experiencing Japan for the first time were able to relax, and they enjoyed Japanese food such as tempura and sushi. There were also performances of Japanese drumming and Awa Odori, which provoked lively conversation. The presence of talented students who have aspired to study abroad in Tokushima is expected to motivate the Japanese students at the university to consider study abroad and to expand their horizons.


The tempura was very popular

Experiencing Awa Odori for the first time

Taking a photo together

Let’s meet at Tokushima (an Indonesian student)