The 7th JENESYS 2.0 Youth Exchange History and Culture Camp Exchange Program at the University of Tokushima with Malaysian University Students


On April 18, the University of Tokushima welcomed 26 Malaysian university students as part of the JENESYS 2.0 youth exchange program, becoming the first university in the Shikoku region to host an exchange.

The aim of this program is to invigorate Japan’s economy by encouraging the latent interest in Japan and increasing the number of foreign nationals who visit Japan. It also aims to promote international understanding of the strength and attraction of the Japan brand and value.

After an orientation in the Nichia Kaikan, the President dropped in an offered a welcome greeting, and student representatives exchanged greetings and gifts. This was followed by an introduction to the University of Tokushima, an exchange of opinion with Japanese students, and a tour of the campus, providing many opportunities for interaction.


The President drops in
International students exchange opinions