The 2014 University of Tokushima Entrance Ceremony


On April 7 ,the 2014 Entrance Ceremony was held at ASTY Tokushima. A total of 1,958 students were enrolled (1,333 undergraduate school, 469 graduate school (Master’s Program), 109 graduate school (Doctoral Program), and 47 third-year transfer students).

At the Entrance Ceremony, representative of the new students Kana Takeshi of the School of Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine, vowed to observe the regulations in accordance with the educational policy of the university and to pursue learning and personal development. Then representative of the current students Ryuichiro Aragane of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences welcomed the new students with the words, “It’s better to face challenges without fear of failing rather than regretting your inaction later. I hope that you’ll focus not only on Japan but on the world at large”. Then President Kagawa addressed the students. He encouraged them to take their time in finding a purpose and designing a career for themselves, urging them to lead a meaningful university life.


The ceremony hall

President address

The ceremony hall

Congratulations on entrance