The 2013 University of Tokushima Graduation and Completion Ceremony


On March 24, the 2013 Graduation Ceremony was held at ASTY Tokushima. President Kagawa presented degree and completion certificates to a total of 1,736 graduates (1,220 undergraduate school, 454 graduate school (Master’s Program), and 62 graduate school (Doctoral Program)).

President Kagawa encouraged the graduates to continue their studies and to exercise their talents in the region, in Japan, and on the world stage. As the representative of the graduates, Kosuke Kurahashi of the Faculty of Dentistry responded that the graduates would aim to bring honor to the University of Tokushima as its graduates.

We wish all of the graduates a happy and productive future.


The ceremony hall

The main entrance is a popular photo spot

Congratulations on graduation

Awarding degrees

This student keeps on studying in Japan
after graduating UT.