India’s Consul General, Mr. Aseem Mahajan visits the University of Tokushima


On February 26, Mr. Aseem Mahajan, Consul General of the Consulate General of India in Osaka made a courtesy visit to the University of Tokushima. The visit was to further the relationship with the University of Tokushima, which pursues active exchanges with India, including exchange agreements with Indian universities.

Mr. Mahajan explained that half of India’s population is younger than 25, and providing these people with education and jobs is a significant challenge. This also represents a major opportunity. Furthermore, diabetes is a serious problem in India, and Mr. Mahajan expressed his hopes for joint research in this field of common interest.

We agreed that the University of Tokushima will cooperate in exchanges, particularly with the younger generation.


From left, Consul General Mr. Aseem Mahajan, President Kagawa,
Executive Director Takaishi, and Executive Director Noji