The Vice Chancellor of India’s North Maharashtra University visits Tokushima University


On June 14, the Vice Chancellor of India’s North Maharashtra University, Sudhir Meshram visited the University of Tokushima. Through exchanges between the academic staff of North Maharashtra and Tokushima’s Institute of Technology and Science, Vice Chancellor Meshram expressed a wish to visit Tokushima, to tour the university and further relations.

Dr. Meshram explained about the size of North Maharashtra University and its research fields, strongly indicating his desire to build cooperation between the universities for sharing knowledge and other mutual benefit. President Kagawa asked about the study abroad requirements of the Indian university, and the meeting was positive throughout.

Development of systems for ongoing exchanges is an issue to be addressed, and the universities will be undertaking student, faculty and research exchanges towards the conclusion of an exchange agreement.


Front row from the left, Executive Director for Education Takaishi, Vice Chancellor Meshram,
President Kagawa, and Dean of the Engineering Faculty Fukutomi