International Exchange Salon - "An Invitation to International Students' Countries"


On November 17, the International Exchange Salon - An Invitation to International Students' Countries - was held.

The International Exchange Salon is an international exchange event planned and organized by the International Center and the graduates of International Volunteer  Course for understandeing multicultural world run by this center. Held once every month or so, its purpose is to promote interaction between international students and local people.

This month, the theme was An Invitation to International Students’ Countries, and international students from Vietnam and Columbia introduced their countries in Japanese. Forty-five participants listened intently to the talks on the climate, customs, and splendid food culture of the respective countries.

Then the participants were treated to Vietnamese-style okonomi-yaki, which everybody appeared to enjoy very much. The international students chatted with local people in a relaxed atmosphere, making it a very rewarding international exchange.



International students introduce their countries

Eating Vietnamese-style okonomi-yaki