The 2012 University of Tokushima Entrance Ceremony


On April 6, the 2012 Entrance Ceremony was held at ASTY Tokushima. A total of 1,985 students were enrolled (1,342 undergraduate school, 485 graduate school (Master’s Program), 112 graduate school (Doctoral Program), and 46 third-year transfer students).

At the Entrance Ceremony, representative of the new students Hitomi Fuji vowed to observe the regulations in accordance with the educational policy of the university and to pursue learning and personal development. Then President Kagawa addressed the students, encouraging them to develop understanding, judgment and the ability to communicate based on flexible insight and broad knowledge, and urging them to lead a meaningful university life.

We wish all of the new students a fulfilling university life and a bright and healthy future.



In the ceremony hall

Make the most of your university life!

The cherries were in full bloom as if to celebrate