President Kagawa visits Central South University with the Tokushima Hunan Friendship and Exchange Association


On October 23, President Kagawa visited Central South University in Changsha, Hunan Province, China, with Tokushima Prefectural Governor Iizumi as part of the Tokushima Hunan Friendship and Exchange Association.

On this visit, a friendship agreement was concluded between Tokushima Prefecture and Hunan Province on October 24. At the same time, the University of Tokushima and Central South University discussed joint research in medical fields, including diabetes in which both specialize, and engineering fields such as energy and the environment.

The consultation was attended by President Huang of Central South University, Vice President Huang, International Center Director Yu, and Professor Hu of The Second Xiangya Hospital, and from Tokushima Prefecture by Governor Iizumi and other officials, and President Kagawa and International Center Vice-Director Jin from the University of Tokushima.

The discussions focused on joint research with Tokushima in the medical fields and the endocrine field (diabetes) for which Central South University is a national center, and genetics research in which Central South University specializes, with Tokushima’s Institute for Genome Research. In addition, Central South University’s Faculty of Engineering is one of the top research institutions in China for resource recycling, and the faculty also conducts joint research with the University of Tokyo. The university presented the work of the Faculty of Engineering in electric cars and addressing environmental issues under the keyword “green innovation”. The two universities agreed to discuss joint research and personnel development in these fields in future.



President Huang (right) and President Kagawa (left)

The Tokushima Hunan Friendship and Exchange Association with representatives of Central South University