To All International Students in UT


As you well know, the mega-earthquake and tsunami on March 11 caused devastating damage in the Tohoku and Kanto areas.


Please prioritize and behave accordingly by following the information offered by the government or government-affiliated organizations; though there is a lot of information available on TV and the Internet.


In case you are planning to travel to the Tohoku and Kanto areas, please refrain from traveling to the areas affected and damaged by the disaster until the situation improves.


If you have any difficulties concerning your life and study in Japan due to the disaster or have any questions, please consult the Division of International Affairs or the Division of Educational Affairs of your Faculty/Graduate Course.


Regarding admission into our university, we understand that you are very worried about the current situation in Japan. Fortunately, since our university is located about 600 kilometers southeast of the disaster area, we have no damage and were not heavily influenced by the earthquake and radioactive contamination in those areas.


In case you are still concerned about coming to Tokushima, please contact your supervisor in our university or the Division of International Affairs and consult ways to reach Tokushima safely beforehand.



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