Tokushima University Code of Conduct

1 Wholesome working environment for the continuous development of Tokushima University


1-1 We work together in order to pursue the ideals and the goals of Tokushima University with the awareness of being a member of the university.


1-2 We respect each other's personality and human rights without any discrimination.


1-3 We provide a lawfully secure and wholesome working environment to promote the autonomy and the creativity of our employees, and we conduct reasonable evaluations by ensuring clarity and fairness.



2 Observance of laws and rules as a member of Tokushima University


2-1 We abstain from any activities against public order and morals in compliance with the law.


2-2 We abide by the university policy, rules and regulations, and supervisor's direction in order to keep order in our workplace.


2-3 We do not compromise the credit and the reputation of the university in any public and private activities.


2-4 We keep the proper management and maintenance of the information learned through our duties.



3 Education and student support to develop competent talent and human resources


3-1 We provide education that aims for the ideals and the goals of the university, and we seek to develop the talent to be wanted by the society.


3-2 We maintain an effective environment for education and enrichment in learning experiences.We serve to facilitate the organizational support for student autonomy in learning in this environment and their extracurricular activities.


3-3 We properly disclose the information on our academic programs (curricula, syllabi, grading/evaluation methods etc.), and we provide education based on the disclosed information. We constantly seek to improve our academic programs according to course evaluations by students.


3-4 We devote ourselves to develop instructional techniques and other support for student leaning, and we strive for improvement of teaching.


3-5 We endeavor to prevent any accident in educational sites and settings.


3-6 We do not permit any kind of harassment.


3-7 We keep control over the management of students' personal information with scrupulous care.


3-8 We give careful consideration to various opinions about education and support for students, and we provide sincere responses based on accountability.



4 Fair and valid admission screening


4-1 We conduct fair and valid the admission screening according our admission policy.


4-2 We seek to provide for diverse applicants with opportunities of various entrance examinations.


4-3 We ensure the fairness in the selection of successful applicants and the secure management of the information concerned.



5 Research activities for creation and succession of knowledge


5-1 We maintain awareness of our responsibilities for ensuring the quality of our expertise, as well as for public safety and peace, human health and welfare, and environmental conservation.


5-2 We understand that academic autonomy has been founded on entrustment from the society, and therefore we carefully consider own attitude toward research and act in good faith. We make maximum efforts to demonstrate the reliability and validity of our knowledge gained from research activities in a scholarly manner while actively participating in mutual evaluation and inspection with academic communities and professional colleagues.


5-3 We always take the best decisions and attitudes through persisting maintenance and improvement of our expertise, as well as sustaining efforts to understand the functions of science and technology in relation to the social and natural environment.


5-4 We provide an active presentation of the significance of own research and its potential consequences in a neutral and objective manner while promoting a constructive dialogue with the society.


5-5 We maintain highly principled conditions for research activities, and prevent academic dishonesty and misconduct. Therefore, we eliminate all the possibilities of dishonest activities and fraud from the research environment through efforts of thorough management of research data and faithful acts to fulfill this Code of Conduct throughout the research process, from the initial design to the final report of results and discussion.


5-6 We comply with relevant rules and regulations on conducting research and research expenditures.


5-7 We observe the relevant rules, regulations, and guidelines when conducting research involving human or animal subjects.


5-8 We practice constructive criticism on study results of another person without uncritical acceptance of authority. At the same time, we carefully and modestly listen to the criticism of others and exchange opinions in a serious manner. We properly recognize achievements and intellectual products of other people and respect the intellectual property and the scholarly credit thereof.


5-9 We respect individual freedom and personality as well as fairness in our research, education, and other professional activities. We do not discriminate against individuals because of race, sex, social status, belief, and religion.


5-10 We must be sensitive to conflicts of interest and minimize the probability of such conflicts, of which we would publicly announce otherwise. We place priority on public interest over private when conveying our research results to society or presenting opinions of expertise.


5-11 We stay conscious of our responsibility on development and maintenance of a favorable environment for trustworthy research activities, and we demonstrate active cooperation in the efforts to improve the research environment of our own affiliations and scholarly communities.



6 Societal and environmental activities for local community development


6-1 We aim to develop a more open and accessible university while considering cooperation with and contribution to the local communities.


6-2 We actively promote "giving back" to society through our educational and research findings.


6-3 We promote effective applications of our expertise to society through collaborations with public offices.


6-4 We consider environmental issues as important matters for the university to fulfill its responsibilities to the society, and we actively participate in environmental improvement and conservation.



7 Healthcare practices to support lives


7-1 We provide high quality healthcare services for our patients whom we consider as the center of our healthcare system.


7-2 We practice holistic healthcare respecting for all mankind.


7-3 We develop and promote highly advanced medical technology.


7-4 We promote the development of healthcare professionals who maintain the highest moral and ethical standards.


7-5 We make contributions to local community healthcare services.


7-6 We construct an effective service system, which fulfills the standard requirements and constantly improves the healthcare quality, in order to provide high quality healthcare service.


7-7 We keep close attention to the management of medical records and other personal information of our patients, and we maximize our efforts on information security in order to avoid loss or leakage of our records.



8 Financial affairs for efficient management


8-1 We understand that the grants for management expenses are supported by taxpayers, and we do not accept any unauthorized use while ensuring effective uses of the grants.


8-2 We ensure proper administration of university properties and do not accept any private use.


8-3 We carry out fair and reasonable operations on choosing a trading counterpart. We never abuse our own privileges, status, or positions in trading.


8-4 We maintain sincere attitudes and respect toward our alumni, student guardians and other people and organizations supporting the university. When dealing with any endowments and donations we receive, we ensure very good use of the contributions for the development of the university in response to the purpose and expectation of the donors.