History & Development

Historical Sketch

Administrative Head Office


Tokushima University began as the Tokushima Kisei Normal School in 1874, later developing into several schools. In accordance with the National School Establishment Law, Tokushima University comprising the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Education, the Faculty of Medicine, and the Faculty of Engineering, was instituted in 1949.


The growth process of the University


Tokushima Kisei Normal School in the 1870s


Tokushima Higher Technical School in the 1920s


Tokushima Prefectural Medical College in the 1940s


Administrative Head Office in the 1940s
1949 Faculty of Liberal Arts and Education
(Currently Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences)
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Medicine
University Hospital
1951 Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
1955 Graduate School of Medicine
(Currently Graduate School of Medical Sciences)
1964 Graduate School of Engineering
(Currently Graduate School of Advanced Technology and Science)
1965 Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
1966 Faculty of Education
(Faculty of Liberal Arts and Education renamed)
1969 Graduate School of Nutrition
(Currently Graduate School of Nutrition and Bioscience)
1975 Health Service Center
1976 Faculty of Dentistry
1979 University Dental Hospital
1983 Graduate School of Dentistry
(Currently Graduate School of Oral Sciences)
1985 Institute for Animal Experimentation
1986 Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences
(Faculty of Education renamed)
Center for University Extension
1987 Junior College, School of Medical Sciences
(Currently School of Health Sciences)
1991 Center for Cooperative Research
1992 Institute for Medicinal Resources
1994 Graduate School of Human and Natural Environment Sciences
Information Processing Center
(Currently Center for Administrarion of Information Technology)
1996 Satellite Venture Business Laboratory
1997 Institute tor Enzyme Research
1998 Institute for Genome Research
2000 Radioisotope Research Center

International Student Center

(Currently International Center)

2003 University Medical and Dental Hospital
(University Hospital and University Dental Hospital Integrated)

Intellectual Property Office

(Currently Department for the Promotion of Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration)

2004 Institute of Health Biosciences
2006 Institute of Technology and Science
Graduate School of Health Sciences

Post-Graduate Course of Midwifery

(Currently Graduate School of Health Sciences, Midwifery Course)

2007 School of Oral Health and Welfare
2008 Health Sciences Doctoral Course
2009 Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences
Institute of Socio-Arts and Sciences

University Hospital

(University Medical and Dental Hospital renamed)


Graduate School of Oral Sciences, Master's Course


Fujii Memorial Institute of Medical Sciences


Health Service and Counseling Center

(Health Service Center renamed)


Institute of Biomedical Sciences

(Institute of Health Biosciences renamed)