Greeting from the Director


Under the rapid increase in the number of diabetic patients worldwide and in Japan, Tokushima continues to be the worst prefecture in Japan in the number of deaths related to diabetes. This is the main reason why we are committed to overcome diabetes in Tokushima. In order to meet the needs to overcome diabetes, the Diabetes Therapeutics and Research Center (DTRC) was established in January 2010, by calling together clinicians and basic researchers in the University of Tokushima who are engaged in diabetology.

The aims of this center are to develop cutting edge research activities and to bring up high-quality clinical ability on diabetes, by creating a platform to exchange ideas, knowledge and technology, as well as to provide collaborative and mutually supportive environment in clinical and basic research on diabetes. The DTRC is composted of clinical and basic research branches, and each branch has two and four divisions, respectively.

The members of the DTRC continue to pursue the goal of developing new strategies for overcoming diabetes and its complications. Through these efforts, we hope to create a better society with better health and to grow excellent scientists and clinicians who will fight against diabetes.


Toshio Matsumoto, M.D.,Ph.D.
Director, Diabetes Therapeutics and Research Center
The University of Tokushima