Department of Genetic Research



井本先生.jpg Genetic background and life style are associated with the development and the progression of multifactorial diseases including type 2 diabetes. Many genes and loci, which are related with diabetes, have been discovered according to the recent genomic research. However, the role of each genomic mutation/polymorphism on pathogenesis of diabetes remains to be poorly understood. Currently, in addition, genomic information is insufficient to predict or prevent diabetes in a frame of personalized medicine.

  Department of Genetic Research created the research environment, which deals with genetic, epigenetic, and bioinformatic analyses of human genome from each nucleotide sequence/gene/locus level to a genome-wide level, to promote and support clinical and basic research projects for the prediction and the prevention of diabetes.



Issei Imoto,M.D.,Ph.D.

Director of the  Department of Genetic Research

Diabetes Therapeutics and Research Center

The University of Tokushima