Hygiene and Oral Health Science

The research concept of our department is focused on the study regarding professional oral health care (POHC) of the individuals or public population, prolonging tooth life, promoting both oral health and the quality of life (QOL).


Professor Daisuke Hinode E-mail: hinode@tokushima-u.ac.jp





Research Projects

The program of our research has following projects;

  1. Studies on the mechanism of halitosis (oral malodor) based on the bacteriological aspects of tongue coating, and its prevention
  2. Studies on the establishment of supportive care for oral mucotitis of inpatients by applying Kampo medicines with POHC
  3. Intervention study is to investigate the relationship between sufficient chewing behavior and oral conditions in primary school children through the "Chewing 30" program
  4. Epidemiological study regarding the oral health of pregnant women


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