Oral and Maxillofacial Prothodontics





  • Tesuo Ichikawa, Professor
  • Kan Nagao, Associate Professor
  • Megumi Watanabe, Lecturer
  • Toshiya Kashiwabara, Assistant Professor
  • Yuichi Ishida, Assistant Professor
  • Kazutomo Yagi, Assistant Professor
  • Takaharu Goto, Assistant Professor
  • Hideki Suito, Resident
  • Norikazu Minami, Resident
  • Maki Kanao, Resident
  • Yuki Iwawaki, Graduate Student
  • Tsuyoshi Honda, Graduate Student
  • Takashi Matsuda, Graduate Student
  • Widyasri Prananingrum, Graduate Student
  • Nobuaki Higaki, Graduate Student
  • Takuro Baba, Graduate Student
  • Keiko Fujimoto, Graduate Student
  • Yukari Iwamoto, Technical Official



  • The lecture of Removable prosthodontics: The first and second semesters of the forth-academic year.
  • Basic training of Removable prosthodontics: The second semester of the forth-academic year and the first semester on the fifth-academic year.
  • Clinical training of prosthetic treatment: From January in the fifth-academic year to December in the sixth-academic year.


Research Projects

  1. Basic and clinical study on dental implants
  2. Speech physiology and pathology in dentistry
  3. Oral health care and management of elderly
  4. Dental materials
  5. Digital dentistry


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