Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

The department is dedicated to realize "State of the art" on orthodontics through teaching, research and clinical orthodontics.





  • Eiji TANAKA, DDS, PhD, Professor and Chair
  • Shinya HORIUCHI, DDS, PhD, Lecturer
  • Akihiro YASUE, DDS, PhD, Lecturer
  • Nobuhiko KAWAI, DDS, PhD, Lecturer
  • Takashi IZAWA, DDS, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Masahiro Hiasa, DDS, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Keiichiro WATANABE, DDS, PhD (studying in Ohio State University)
  • Akihiko Iwasa, DDS, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Natsuko Hichijo, DDS, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Naomi Silvia Mitsui, DDS, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Hirofumi Tenshin, DDS, PhD, PosDoc



 Our department seeks to enable postgraduate students to acquire professional knowledge and skills for clinical orthodontics, and foster the research and clinical practice through postgraduate course established.


Research Projects

 Our department has performed various clinical researches in which the aim is to develop a safe, painless orthodontic treatment. Furthermore, with taking in collaboration with intramural and extramural research groups, we are also promoting basic scientific researches to investigate the mechanisms of osteoarthritis, rheumatic arthritis, and Sjögren syndrome. We are also aggressively coping with the research subjects, which are directly expected to be clinical applications: the characteristic analysis and the development of new orthodontic materials. Our research projects are as follows:


  1. Identification of mechanism of bone remodeling
  2. Biological responses to mechanical stress in dentofacial tissues
  3. Craniofacial growth and development in morphology and function during growth
  4. Dentofacial repair, regeneration and tissue engineering of dentofacial tissues
  5. Exploratory study of novel causative genes for diseases by CRISPR/Cas system


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