Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

The department is dedicated to realize "State of the art" on orthodontics through teaching, research and clinical orthodontics.





  • Eiji TANAKA, DDS, PhD, Professor and chiarman
  • Shingo KURODA, DDS, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Shinya HORIUCHI, DDS, PhD, Lecturer
  • Akihiro YASUE, DDS, PhD, Lecturer
  • Takashi IZAWA, DDS, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Nobuhiko KAWAI, DDS, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Nao KINOUCHI, DDS, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Keiichiro WATANABE, DDS, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Kazuna TAKAHARA, DDS, PhD, Assistant Professor




Research Projects

Research activity varies from clinical to basic science with a variety of areas of interest. We are studying on the pathophysiological analyses and the development of clinical methods especially in the congenital and the acquired deformities of oral and maxillofacial region, also taking in the collaboration with the other organizations and the institutes. Basic research is focused on the mechanisms of bone remodeling, craniofacial growth and development and biological response to mechanical stress. These projects are mainly performed using molecular biological methods. Moreover, we are also aggressively coping with the research subjects, which are directly expected to be clinical applications: the characteristic analysis and the development of new orthodontic materials.

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